• New Tech Shinsei Inc. delivers mother nature to your door.

    New Tech Shinsei Inc. is located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Yamagata is the place where 70 percent of its land is mountainous; ski resorts with perfect powder snow are well-known throughout the country.

    Company’s primary business is the sublet assembly of electronic devices such as Personal Computer. Through this business, we invented many special techniques and machines to process variety of materials.

    One day, we came to realize that it would be nice if we could deliver our “neighbor” mother nature to those who can hardly recognize in everyday life.

    We soon applied all our techniques to the richest local resource, Timber.

    The fruit looked gorgeous. Piece of wood had become inter-connectable “MOKULOCK” which many people can enjoy in their own ways.

  • Company Profile

    Trade Name
    New Tech Shinsei Inc.

    3075-1 Oaza Hanazawa, Yonezawa City,
    Yamagata Prefecture, 992-0021 Japan

    Date of incorporation
    July 1980

    Representative Director
    Akira Kuwabara

    Thirty-one million (31,000,000) yen


    • Manufacturing and sale of electronic machinery, devices, parts, home appliances, medical equipment/medical electronic equipment, jigs, tools, mold components and toys*
      *Wooden toys includes MOKULOCK, and custom made wooden goods
    • Designing, manufacturing, and sale of automatic control devices
    • Development, manufacturing, and sale of peripheral devices for computers/microcomputers, machinery, appliances, tools for education, and systems/software by means of computers
    • Development, manufacturing, sale, and repair of measuring equipment and devices
    • Cutting, grinding, polishing processing, and sale of electronic equipment, tools, and parts
    • General personnel-service business
    • Entire businesses and operations associated with the above items