We won the Fil Vert “Green” itinerary award
at the Maison & Objet Paris 2015

Thank you very much for all your warm supports for MOKULOCK.
We are happy to tell you that we won “GREEN” award at the Maison & Objet Paris Jan 2015!

Maison & Objet announcement
Article from Home Magazine et Le Journal Des Femmes.com

  • How did Mokulock come to be?

    Lifestyle of co-existing with nature nearby and depending on resources produced through cultivating the forest is still rooted in everyday life for many, making the unchanging character of the people of Yamagata.

    Since trees cannot thrive when growing close together in the mountains without sunlight filtering in, some trees in Yamagata are carefully cut down in winter using snow as a cushion.

    Trees cut down for forest thinning, and ones unsuited for architecture or furniture uses are to be processed into pieces that provide us delightful lives with warmth.

  • Wooden blocks filled with natural charm

    Mokulock is made of pure wood with many known benefits, being warm to the touch, with a comforting aroma, and a naturally beautiful color and texture.

    Research has confirmed that wood has a comforting effect similar to bathing in the forest, stabilizing the autonomic nerves by lowering the blood pressure, regulating an abnormal pulse, and calming the nerves. Wood can help enhance creativity, the ability that everyone has to create something from nothing, by making the wood into blocks.

  • Safety

    MOKULOCK is simply carved out from a solid piece of wood. No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint, or glue is used.


    MOKULOCK’s safeness has been proved by qualifications of various safety standard examinations.

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